Favourite Parts of My Room #7

It seems like forever since I last wrote one of these posts, so today i'm going to let you know and share some pictures of the favourite parts of my room to update it a little.
On my bed I brought some white sheets and have been using my fluffy blanket ontop and have chosen to buy some grey cushions to complete it, I've since brought more so I really have my theme set now. I have also managed to sort out my make up brush storage and organised that a lot better, full post on that coming super soon. Next to my bed I have my favourite copper clock and matching copper jewellery box which I use to store my favourite, daily pieces of jewellery.
On my book shelve I have this wish jar that I received as a birthday present, it came with 100 little cards and I use them to write on things I've done that have made me happy, whenever I'm having a bad day I look back at them and get so happy, its also a great way to look back and remind yourself of all the good things.