My Week #76

This week has been the best week of my life, seriously incredible. On Monday I had my psychology exam and that was okay, was just pleased to get one out the way. Then on Tuesday I had my driving test, I was so nervous but passed with only 2 minors! I was so incredibly happy. I'm on exam study leave at the moment so I drove to my friend Megs and then to pick up Billy to go out on a little drive after my insurance was sorted out. I then went to pick up Charlie from his exam,went to his then he treated me to a delicious meal out. On Wednesday I had another exam, then after went to charlies to chill day. On Thursday I had two exams which was incredibly stressful and hard work, but I did okay and was so pleased to get them out the way. On Friday I revised at home before going to pick my friends up then taking them out for a drive and a huge shopping trip, it was so much fun and iloved it. On Saturday Charlie came over and we had the nicest day ever before going out to pick up my friends to go out and meet more friends. We all went for food then out for a drive and up to look at a nice view, I had the nicest time. We stayed out til near 11.30 before I dropped them all home, the freedom is incredible. Today ive been working all day and now I need to revise, hah! Sorry for the lack of blog posts ive been enjoying my time and have been so busy, but ill be back on it after my exams are finished, cannot wait.