Review | Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi

I recently spoke about my nyx soft matte lip cream in Cannes which I really love, but this is 100% my new favourite.
Abu Dhabi is a browny, nude which I adore. I didn't think it would be my kind of thing but it so is my kind of thing, I love it. This is a lot less pink than Cannes which is exactly what I wanted as Cannes for me is a little too pinky-red. But this is a really nude that I love and I feel this completes a whole outfit, I wear this with my whirl lip liner from Mac and if I want to make it darker I apply it over the top of my wet n' wild lipstick.
The formulation of these lip creams are incredible, they feel so light on your lips and this on for me has such a long lasting power. However, I do feel this is running out all ready, when I reapply there doesn't seem to feel like there is a lot left in the tube, but I will keep you updated.
I still don't understand how when this is applied it looks like a gloss, but then sets to a matte finish, I love it although it does baffle me how it actually happens,haha!
I just feel like for £5.50 its an absolute bargain, its actually pretty moisturising on your skin as well which I love, so impressed. I was considering buying Stockholm as well, its said to be pretty similar to Abu Dhabi just slighty pinkier, but I prefer less pink so I think i'm going to stick to this beauty.