Fitness Journey #4 - Ignoring The Numbers

Today I wanted to talk about where i'm at as I feel I haven't spoken about fitness on my blog for ages.
When I first became more aware of what I was eating and began exercising I was so set on just toning up and looking more healthy. Something I have never really spoken about on my blog is the number side of it, the number on the scales. I would constantly step on the scales before the gym and after, I wasn't completely set on a goal, but I was certainly conscious of my actual weight. I have always kept an eye on my bmi, I am actually just under the average weight for my age, gender and height and I was so conscious of keeping my eye on this number and monitoring it. So in theory I shouldn't be concerned about my weight at all.
However, now that is a thing of a past. I have been so much more focused in these last months on actually being fit, like healthy, more energised, stronger and more confident. I can't remember the last time I stood on scales and actually weighed myself as that doesn't bother me anymore at all.
I wanted to just make it so clear that the number on the scales determines nothing at all.  To prove this, weigh yourself at different times of the day and see the dramatic change in weight that you can't physically see at all.
Focusing on becoming fitter and stronger is so much better than having a set weight to achieve. Being fitter and healthier is so much better and I can't explain how much happier I've become.
These fitness journey posts are mainly for me, so I can look back on them and see how I've changed and even my attitudes towards different things and their change.
I was so focused on a number and measurements, now I'm building muscle, staying fit, running 3-4 times a week and working out most evenings. I'm eating so healthy at my main meals, but letting it slip a bit inbetween, I've discovered some great healthy alternatives for my favourite foods.
I'm drinking crazy amounts of water each day to keep me hydrated and my skin fresh. I'm waking up earlier, being more productive and feeling happier.
When I began this I set so many things I wanted to change and since then I've realised you can't change all the things you want to do. I'm stuck with the body shape I've got and that isn't going to change, so I'm working with it, improving what I can and embracing it.
I've looked back at old photos and felt so uncomfortable as I feel I looked too thin, so ive worked on that and have built muscle and become stronger feeling happier and more confident.
I have just done what I want and noticed the huge difference when I stop looking at numbers, because just because you get to a weight you want doesn't mean your body is going to be in the shape you want or have the muscle or toned body you want. Ignore the numbers and focus on building what you want.
What a ramble. But I'm so happy being healthier but still eating what I want, discovering alternatives and exercising to be healthy and happy, not to loose weight.
I really feel that setting yourself a goal weight, unless your trying to loose weight, doesn't make a difference. Instead follow what your body wants and notice the physical differences and your appearance rather than numbers on a scale.
It's weird for me to look back over my past posts to see the difference, I've lost some muscle tone as I stopped working out for a while as intensely. I've now found a routine that works for me, fits around what I want to do and makes me happy. I know what I have to do to get to where I want to do and i'm doing that without conciouslly looking at the scales. I had a goal and when I wasn't getting there It made me feel down-hearted as I was trying so hard, but once I forgot about this number and carried on I noticed the physical differences and how much more stamina I have, how much healthier I am and so much happier.