My Week #78

Another amazing week. On Monday I stayed at home all day, sorting things out and tidying my room up before our friends came down to visit from Essex. In the evening Charlie and me went for a walk on the seafront before he came back to mine in the evening and we all sat outside by the fire enjoying the evening. Then on Tuesday I went for a walk with our friends along Brean Down, which was really relaxing and good fun in the sunshine. In the evening I was working. On Wednesday me and Charlie went out for lunch to Frankie & Bennies, which was so nice and I ate some good food. Charlie then came back to mine before I took him home for work. On Wednesday evening me and all my friends went out for food then to the beach before we headed out to the old inn again in Congesbury which was so lovely, such a late night tho. Then on Thursday I chilled at home writing blog posts, driving around, doing jobs before getting ready to go to a party in the evening, I had such a good time and it was so nice to see all my friends. On Friday me and Charlie went to blagdon lake for a picnic and it genuinely was the nicest day ever, I had such a lovely time out in the sunshine, we then chilled out at mine. On Saturday I went to my friend megs house for the day and walked the dogs, caught up and just had a fab day! I went to work then after work went back out to congesbury to meet all my friends for a drink at the old inn. Another lovely evening where I was the designated driver making sure everyone got home safe,hah, love it.
Today I've been working all day and came home to celebrate my sisters birthday with my family, loveliest week ever!