My Week #79

Another brilliant week! 
I didn't do much towards the beginning of the week apart from see Charlie and do a bit of shopping and sorting things out at home. On Wednesday I saw Charlie and we went out for food together before the night when all of my friends and I went to the pub for a few drinks which was so incredibly lovely and I had the best time ever! On Thursday I went shopping with Elise in Bristol and brought soo much, haul coming super soon, we had the best day ever and watched me before you in the cinema and I bawled my eyes out. On Friday I went to Charlie's and we had a brilliant day as usual, then I worked in the evening, on Saturday I chilled at home and then went out to see my best friend meg, then went to a wedding in the evening. Today I have been at work, then this evening with the girls from working chilling, watching unfriended and eating some good food.