Haul #57 - Urban Decay, Primark & H&M

I went on a huge shopping spree recently, I went to primark, h and m and loads of other places that are in Bristol so I only visit them occasionally.

I brought these gorgeous floral shorts from primark for something ridiculous like £4, they are such a flattering fit and I recently wore them in collab with JD Williams.

Also from primark, I brought this white dress for £5, the back is gorgeous and I cant wait to show you in an outfit post soon!

This bodycon blue maxi skirt is so flattering I cant even explain how much I love it, it has two slits in either side of the leg down by your calfs so it is easy to walk in and so comfy.

I brought this black skater style dress, I thought it would be perfect for the beach over a bikini or walking to the pool on my summer holidays, this was only £5.

 Id wanted some khaki trousers for agessss, I found these in primark but they only had size 18's and 16's and I was gutted, but I looked around and found a size 6 and was so happy, I love these!

In h&m I brought this black t-shirt dress which I love, its so comfy, possibly a teeny bit too short but I make it work so its okay, but I love it! Think it was only about £7 as well!

I also got this crop stripy top for about £8 in h&m and I love it , thought it would look so good with my blue maxi dress.

Lastly in h &m I picked up this khaki shirt which I such a nice cotton light fabric so will be perfect for the hotter weather with a pair of denim shorts.

Then I did a urban decay order and got their all nighter setting spray and as a sample size their primer potion, super excited to review them both for you I'm in love with them both!