Layered Fruit & Oats Smoothie Recipe

Today I made the most delicious smoothie ever. I wanted to use some fruit up and thought I would do something different to my usual smoothies.
So I decided to do a layered smoothie using low fat natural yoghurt and oats.

First off I chose my fruit and chopped that all up, I used a banana, two slices of pineapple chopped up and a handful of strawberries. I poured a bit of natural yoghurt into the cups used on my nutribullet and then began layering up the fruit on top of the yoghurt.
I then sprinkled about 100g of oats in between the fruit and on top of the yoghurt. After the oats I added a squeeze of maple syrup to sweeten it up a little bit. I also added a tbsp of whey protein powder into the cup and then put it onto my nutribullet to whizz it all around and blend it.
This was so easy to do and tasted so good as well. There aren't any exact measurements needed for this, just completely guessing and seeing what you want as it is easy to swap in and swap out ingredients. If you want to read more blog posts where I chat about smoothie recipes and other smoothie related posts you can click the link here