My Week #81

This week has been brilliant! 
On Tuesday my friend Joe came and picked me up and we went out for a drive in his car since he recently passed his test, it was so fun and I had such a good time, we went out to axbridge to meet some of our other friends and I really enjoyed it. School was so super boring every day as we were so close to the end of term. On Wednesday I finished school for the summer which is soo nice and I can't wait to get outside and see my friends all the time. On Thursday Charlie came round and we had the best day ever, I made the most delicious salad with sweet chilli chicken and chilli chorizo sausages, it was soo good! I made Charlie watch love island too,I'm so gutted its nearly finished! On Friday I went round charlies and we had pizza for lunch, it was chicken and bacon melt and I brought some skinny chips to have with it and it was so delicious!! Then I left to go to my friend megs fo a catch up then left to go to work in the evening. On Saturday I pottered around at home before going to megs and collecting Ania to all get ready to go out for to a party together in the evening, I had such an incredible time,it was so fun to dance and really enjoy myself!
Then today I have felt so ill so left megs early this morning to get home in time for work, I went to work feeling so ill and tired in about 3 hours sleep,not ideal,but my boss sent me home early which was amazing! This evening I've spent my time chilling trying to sort things out and having naps every so often to get through, hope you've had a good week