My Week #82

I have had another incredible week, I keep saying this but right now everything is so good and I'm loving it. On Monday I chilled at home, got a few jobs done, made a layered smoothie for my blog post next week, went out to costa with my friend Dan for a much needed catch up. On Tuesday I went to charlies, we had such a lovely day together and went out for lunch together again and I had a delicious buttermilk chicken with cheese, salad and sweet potato fries, I was loving it. On Wednesday me and my girls went to Bristol together, I drove me and meg to the park and ride In Bristol where we got the bus into the centre and went to sundaes gelato for breakfast, I had a delicious crepe with strawberries, banana, white chocolate and ice cream. We then went shopping, I spent way too much money and am going to be saving from now on, haha who am I kidding that's never going to happen.
On Thursday I took Charlie out to Tyntsfield, I had wanted to go for so long because its such a nice place to go. So we went for a picnic together and walked round, it was so much fun and the weather was so beautiful! In the evening we went out with all our friends at the rugby club and really had such a good night. Charlie stayed over and I made a delicious cooked breakfast in the morning, we chilled and had a nice lie in, then went to get my disposables, I'm so disappointented with them though and was so annoyed. But we got some good food, then chilled before I took Charlie to work and came home and relaxed. On Saturday I had another lie in, did a few jobs, went out with my mum and just relaxed before going to work in the evening. Today I quickly went to see Charlie before heading to work and being stuck in there all day. Anyway, hope you've had a lovely week!