Styling Ankle Boots & Shirt Dresses in Summer with JD Williams

Recently I was contacted by JD Williams, an online company that sell over 20 catalogue brands that offer huge products designed for ever age and size. JD Williams wanted to get in touch with me to help them with their exciting summer campaign which was super exciting!
The Team at JD Williams let me choose a beautiful dress from their collections and a pair of ankle boots. I was so excited to get involved so I hoped onto the website and made my selections and sat waiting for them to pop through the letterbox.
I can't even explain the variety they have on their site, I was trawling through for hours making my decisions. So, today I will be sharing my top summer styling tips.,size:,size:

I went for more of a festival look, something that I would 100% wear when I go to bestival this year! The top is a bardot one from new look, which I actually really like. I have never worn any top like this before until I brought one a few months back because until I brought a calvin klien strapless bra it's been pretty tricky to wear one. I teamed the top with my little floral shorts from primark. I am so happy with them they are so super cute and have so much little detail on them which I am obsessed with. For summer I am such a big fan of little shorts like this, they keep you cool and providing you get a good fit and style they can be very flattering too. I love this top for summer as again it will keep you cool in the heat but instantly makes an outfit look like you have put so much more effort in when really you haven't. The boots make this outfit look so much better, they really bring it all together and I think they look so good. Ankle boots are perfect for festivals, although these beauties are £48 and real leather so maybe not the best idea for mud and rain, but with a nice skirt or maxi dress they would look so beautiful for evening drinks on holiday.
I thought the shirt dress was a perfect evening option, something to put on over the top and you instantly have another outfit, but for the bit in between you could un button it and wear it as a little black jacket which I love as it's such a nice length, but not too long that it drowns you out, just right because the boots give you extra height so they really elongate your legs when worn with shorter shorts. If you want to check out either of the items have a look on the images as I have directly linked to the dress and the ankle boots.
So for the summer, dress for your size and shape, find something flattering that keeps you cool but still looking stylish and layer up for the evenings.

Thanks again to JD Williams for gifting me these beautiful items, please be sure to check out their wide range of dresses from the Summer Dresses category at JD Williams and shoes