My Week #84

This week I just returned from my holiday away in Plymouth and trip for the weekend at a festival in dorset. On Monday I drove home from dorset which was super exciting, then when I got home I went round to charlies for the afternoon and we had a good evening just chilling, then ate some delicious food that his parents had made. On Tuesday me and Charlie went out for lunch together and then just relaxed in the afternoon, its been so nice spending time with him before I go away again. On Wednesday I got up super early and went out to see my best friend Ania for the morning and early afternoon to have a much needed catch up over chicken nuggets and chips. Then I drove to charlies and we chilled then went out pokemon hunting on the seafront and got chips for tea before I went out to winscombe with Charlie and all our friends to have a nice evening drinking at the rugby club, obvs I was driving so I was just doing lifts after and dropping everyone home, but I had such a good laugh and it was so nice to be with all my friends again. On Thursday I was babysitting and went out for lunch with them where Charlie was working which was super fun and I had the most delicious chicken and bacon salad. Then on Friday I went out to get Charlie to drag him round and get him to help me with all my jobs I needed to do before coming back to mine and chilling out before I go away again on holiday. Then got a taxi at 4 in the morning to go on holiday, I'm heere now and loving it, it's so hot and I can't wait to get back out and enjoy the sunshine! I hope you've all had a wonderful week.