My Week #85

I've had such a brilliant week, on Monday I got all my photos back from my disposable camera, which I was so happy about, then me and Charlie went out for dinner and then for a walk on the seafront. On Tuesday I stayed at home all day and sorted a few things out, did my scrapbook up to date and worked in the evening. On Wednesday me and Charlie went to clevedon together for some lunch and a walk around, it was so lovely! On Thursday I went to collect my results and was so happy with them! Charlie passed his driving test and I felt so proud, he drove me around and took me out for food and it was such a fantastic day! On Friday Charlie picked me up and toon me out to do some errands before going back to his to chill, we watched a film and went to McDonald's with our friend billy, then went to a party in the evening, then I stayed round charlies then  drove home in the morning for a day at hole tidying up, I then went to collect my friend meg and w went to another party before coming back to mine with Greta where we stayed, it was such a good week! And today I've been busy working all day!