My Week #86

I've had another fabulous week. On Monday I chilled at home before going to see Ania for a catch up, we had such a lovely evening, then we went to Mcdonalds together and for a little drive which was so needed and was lovely! On Tuesday I went shopping on my own into town to get a few jobs done and buy a few things that I wanted and definitely didn't need, then worked in the evening. On Wednesday I went to my friend Toms to get my car cleaned, he did such a good job and ive decided I'm actually going to keep it clean all the time now because it just looks so much better! We had lunch together, went for a drive to get new car mats for me and air freshners and polishes and lunch. I had such a lovely day and it was so nice to catch up. In the evening I went back to Ania's for some dinner and some more chatting and chilling out. On Thursday I chilled at home and then went to drop my sister at her boyfriends before going back to anias to pick her up and take her to Megs where we met Greta, the first time we have all been together in what seems like months! We had such a good chat and such a good laugh and It really made me realise how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends. On Friday I drove my sister to Glastonbury, to clarks village to go shopping. I went to the calvin klein outlet and to next and boots, I had such a wonderful day before finishing off with a maccies, it was perfect. I worked in the evening too then on Saturday I was my sisters taxi again and cleaned my car again, before heading to a bbq party in the afternoon and then going to work in the evening. After that I went out to Charlies before he got home from work so I could be there when he got back as his mum Invited me to stay over. We had such a lovely night and I really missed him while he was away. Then today we woke up, charlies mum made me a smoothie for breakfast then I drove to work for a busy day! Hope you've all had a wonderful week!