Review | Urban Decay Make Up Setting Spray

Ever since discovering the mac fix plus ive been trying out all sorts of different make up sprays to try and make my make up look more hd and last longer.
So, I tried the biggest hyped up urban decay spray, the all nighter. This is quite a pricey spray for only 118ml it costs £22. This is said to keep your make up for 16 hours and avoid it melting off your face in the heat or cracking or setting into fine lines on your skin.
I think ultimately the product you purchase, like concealer or foundation and the price and quality itself has a massive impact on the lasting effect and also whether the products cracks or sets into lines onto your face. However, every little helps right.

When I tried the mac fix plus I really felt within a few sprays that the product was all over my face and although it took a while to dry I felt it on my face. Which is why I felt when I first tried this spray I didn't feel it was as good as it didn't properly get over all my face and work properly, however after a while I understood that this was a much more lightweight spray while till promising 16 hours of lasting make up. I really did find this did wonders to my make up and made my whole face look brighter and smoother. However, for the price I guess I am slightly disappointed for the high price point, for me personally I haven't felt it has completely delivered so I'm not sure if it will be a repurchase or not, but I will let you know.

If you are interested in purchasing the spray, you can do so here from the urban decay website with free delivery.