My Week #87

I should have done this last week because NGL I have forgotten what I did all week,oops!! on Monday I was with Charlie, we chilled out and were nice and busy all day! On Tuesday we went to bath spa, it was incredible, we did the spa session where you can use all the pools and hot tubs and saunas and it was incredible, we went to gbk for a burger then Charlie and me went for a walk on the seafront and a drink then he stayed round. On Wednesday we chilled out then I went to see Ania in the evening to plan our next day, the day after we went bowling with Charlie and Dan for his birthday and went out for lunch and it was such a lovely day! I saw my friend Tom for his 18th birthday which was so lovely!  On Sunday night after work me and loads of my friends went out to the pub then to the kebab shop and we had such a lovely evening then on Monday me and Charlie chiled out then I went out with work friends for a meal in the evening, such a lovely week, I couldn't have asked for anything better!!