My Week #88 - Shopping, Date Night & Lifts

This week was my first week back at sixth form after such a wonderful 8 weeks off. On Monday I was still off and chilled out with Charlie all day and it was lovely, then I went out with my friends from work for a meal in the evening. On Tuesday after school I went to staples to get a notebook and stuff I needed to get, and I couldn't believe it when as I drove in the car park Charlie was walking out the shop, so he came back in with me and we went around doing some other shopping together before I went to work in the evening. On Wednesday Charlie came round to my house and we went out for tea on the seafront, I had scampi and Charlie had a mixed grill and it was absolutely delicious. On Thursday I was looking forward to an evening at home, but I got called into work as someone was ill so that was busy but good fun too. On Friday Charlie came round to mine after school and we chilled out for a bit, before I spent the evening doing lifts to try and earn some extra money, Charlie came with me and kept me company all night, we got back to mine at 2am and he stayed over and we had the nicest lie in ever, we woke up at 10.30 ish and chilled out before getting up eating breakfast at 12 and then going out shopping together to get a few things and do a few jobs. Then I went to work in the evening, today I have been at work again and have come back and got myself all organised and ready for sixth form tonight, which I should have done a few weeks ago. Hope you've all had a fan week.