My Week #90

On Monday I left school early to go and see Charlie as he really badly cut his thumb and didn't come in, so I went round with some nice food for him and we spent the afternoon and evening together, I stayed round and had a curry at his and it was absolutely delicious, I loved it and had the best day. On Tuesday I booked a holiday for me and Charlie to go on before my 18th birthday, we booked a gorgeous little place to stay in that is in a converted barn, near two big cities but in the countryside, so I cant wait to go exploring. On Wednesday me and Charlie went out for dinner after school, it was so delicious. On Thursday I did lots of stuff at home, I cleaned my car, organised my room and sorted a few things out. On Friday I went to work after school, came home and got into bed after being in literally the worst mood ever. I then decided that I was going to stop being upset and boring and go out and meet my friends to celebrate bens 18th, I had the nicest evening ever and I was so happy and felt so much better after going out with everyone. Then on Saturday I went shopping to cheer myself up and Charlie surprised me and met me out while I was shopping, we then did a bit more shopping and then went out for lunch and It was lush, I had the best day, then went off to work in the evening, Today I have been at home celebrating my grandmas birthday with all my family and then have spent the evening doing homework and tidying up, hope you've all had a great week!