Review | Ghost Eclipse Eau De Toilette

I adore buying new perfumes, each perfume I have reminds me of a certain time or point in my life and I honestly don't think there's anything nicer than that, putting on a scent and just instantly being reminded of a time in your life. So I am always keen to try new scents, so I picked this one up in boots a while ago. It was on sale for £17 which I thought was a bit of a bargain, but when I got to the till it came through as £34, but because I questioned why it said £17 and I was charged £34 the lady went to check it out and realised the offer had expired but it was still priced differently, the lady had to offer at £17 because the offer was still being displayed, so I was super chuffed at getting this for a bargain price.
 I'm horrendous at describing scents, so i've had a look online at how fragrance direct describe this scent to be. This is a floral and fruity scent, that has top notes of 'bergamot, lemon, mandarin orange, black currant, peach apple etc..' 'base notes of amber and musk'

I have no clue what that means, as I'm not a perfume expert but my gosh this smells good, definitely go and try it next time your in boots or Superdrug as I highly recommend it, I love it! if you would like to try this it is currently on sale in boots for £26.66 reduced from £34 here.