The Edit | Top 10 Mini's

Today I thought I would chat about my top 10 min products that I take away with me on holiday or for a weekend away, or staying round someone's house.

Garnier Micellar Water - I use this to remove my make up and it is the perfect product to do it with, it is 125ml so the perfect size for a night away, I actually top this one up from my big bottle so it saves me having to repurchasing it.
St Ives Face Scrub - I love the large apricot scrub, so this mini one to take away with me is ideal, just remembering to pack a flannel to take it all off with is the important bit.
Colgate Mini Toothbrush - This is my favourite, a little fold away toothbrush, which folds up in itself making it the perfect size to take away.
Colgate Mini Toothpaste - Again, a perfect little size, it lasts about 20 uses for me, which is just the right amount before it needs repurchasing again.
Nivea Pearl Deodrant - I much prefer roll on deodrants, this one is so cute and such a good little handbag size which is perfect and does the job.
Umberto Curl Scruching Jelly - I use this on my wet hair after washing It so that it stays extra curly and lasts for a few days.
Superdrug Shower Gel - I love this shower gel, it smells so good and the bottle is a good fit for a bag and just a good size to last a few washes.
Listerine - Again, I love using this daily, so having a mini one to take away with me, again I top it up from my big one at home so it saves costs.
Batiste Dry Shampoo - I actually got this in an asos parcel ages ago, and it is ideal for when you don't want to wash your hair, but just a little to get through a few nights away.
Carefree Perfect Fit Pantyliners - these are excellent, so small and perfect for a handbag let alone a washbag, I keep this in my bag all the time as they are small and discreet.