My Week #91 - Partying, Eating & Car Cleaning

On Monday after sixth form I came home and cleaned my car and washed it all, hovered the inside and just had a really good clean, I'm so pleased with it and am to keep it super clean all the time.
I was working both Tuesday and Wednesday night which has been so much for me to do in the week to squeeze everything else in I have to do, but still the money all adds up and is good.
On Thursday I went out with my girls for a meal to celebrate megs 18th birthday, we had such a lovely night and ate way too much food. On Friday Charlie came round mine for the evening before we headed out to a friends party, we had such a wonderful time, I loved it. He then stayed round and we went out for breakfast the day after with my sister again, then we did a bit of shopping and just chilled out before we both headed out to work. On sunday I was working all day, it was so hetic and so stressful but I spent the evening with the girls and our mums in a lovely restaurant eating gorgeous food and having a lovely catch up. Such a lovely way to spend the rest of my weekend.