Haul #59 - Topshop, H&M, Calvin Klein & More

Another haul for you guys today, this is more of a collective haul from numerous occasions.

I brought this gorgeous sheer shirt from Topshop, it has a gorgeous dipped hem and a split right through the back, up to about where a bra strap ends, it is so gorgeous, but I need to find the right item of clothing to put underneath it.

I brought this gorgeous blouse from H&M, it has bell bottom sleeves and isn't tight at all, making it incredibly comfy but not very flattering, so I think I need to find something tighter to match and wear on my legs so this is more flattering.

I also brought this bomber jacket from H&M, I am completely in love with it, if I cut the tags out I reckon it can also be reversible too. I think it is such a gorgeous jacket with so many different patterns on it, I love it!

I brought these shoes for next summer in the peacocks sale for only £5, so I couldn't leave them there, these are so gorgeous and I have a similar pair from Matalan in grey and I love them.

In Calvin Klein recently I brought one of their thongs from the outlet, this was £12.

In M&S outlet I brought this set of underwear. The top was £7.50 and the bottoms were £2.50, so £10 for a matching set of underwear of incredible quality, I'm super impressed!

I brought this jumper from the next sale for this winter to wear with leggings or jeans and little ankle boots and I really think it is going to look really cute. This was £16, then reduced to £8 and when I got to the till it was only £4, such a flipping bargain!

I had a gorgeous khaki skirt from asos and I lost it and have missed  it so much ever since, so I brought this one from miss guided for about £5 in the sale, I love the scalloped hem on the bottom of it, super pretty!