Lifestyle | Scrapbooking my Life

Taking pictures is something I'm so obsessed with. I love the thought of capturing a point in my life and looking back on it a few months or years later and remembering all the happy feelings I had at the time. I have photo frames all round my room and a huge photo wall fulled to the brim of all my photos that I love. I constantly update my photo wall by using the app free prints and getting 45 prints for £3.99 each month including delivery. After switching up the photos on my wall or If I have order any extras - I start scrapbooking. Inside my scrapbook I stick pictures from certain days or things I have done. I keep parking tickets, train tickets, everything else from that day that's special. I put a mix of disposable prints and prints from photos taken on my camera or my phone.
I start by writing a title to caption the photos and the dates then add in the photos. I arrange them first before I stick them down with sellotape. Having something to look back at is the nicest thing ever. I sometimes just pick this up and have a flick through and it cheers me up so much.