My Week #93 - Halloween, Date Night & Scrapbooking

On Monday night Charlie came round mine for Halloween, we carved a pumpkin, ate some food, chilled out and fell asleep. On Tuesday we went out for a delicious meal at the mezze, where you choose different dishes and sort of dip into eachothers and share, it was delicious and a perfect way to celebrate 7 months. On Wednesday I went to work, it was a busy evening, but I got really good tips so I was super chuffed. On Thursday I did something, but I cant remember what at all, oops!
On Friday I went babysitting and dragged Charlie along with me, we had a good night, then I stayed round and woke up on Saturday and went to Anias to have a much needed catch up, then I worked Saturday night and today and saw Charlie too, ive had a lovely week and had the chance to plan loads of blog posts so I'm super excited for the next few weeks.