My Week #94 - Partying & Working

I wish my week collages looked like this every single week. Ive had such a great week, a total mix of ups and downs. On Monday after sixth form I came home and did some work, did some jobs, cleaned my car and did some homework. On Tuesday Charlie came over, we got a Chinese together and watched some TV and just chilled out, it was so lovely. On Wednesday and Thursday night I was working, it was so busy but I got good tips and had a lot of fun. After work on Thursday I came back to mine and got ready to go out to the loft with all my friends. We literally had the best night ever, I had soo much fun with everyone and cannot wait to do it again. On Friday I went to charlies and we had a big chat, did a bit of shopping and watched the walking dead. In the evening we got a Chinese with his family and then got ready to go out to our friend Ginas party, I had such a good time with all my friends, it was brilliant! Then I stayed at charlies and we went to frankie and bennies for breakfast then got some xbox games and came home and chilled on the sofa in his room with a duvet watching TV and playing xbox, I had such a lovely chilled out day. In the evening I was working and today ive been working too, hope you are all having a lovely week.