My Week #95 - Partying, Breakfasting & Feeling Unwell

This week started off so well. On Monday night I went round charlies, we had a curry and watched the walking dead together, I had such a good time. On Tuesday I went Christmas shopping to start getting some presents together before Charlie came round in the evening and I cooked us scampi. I worked on Wednesday night after sixth form. On Thursday Charlie came round for a bit, my mum cooked the most delicious meal, we sorted out ucas forms and did a bit of homework together too. On Friday I went to charlies after sixth form before we went out to hollys party, I had such a wonderful time partying with all my friends. Then in the morning me, the boys and my girls went out for breakfast together. Then me and Charlie went back to his where I fell asleep and once I woke up I felt so ill, having a nap really messed me up and I ended up not going to work in the evening after Charlie dropped me home to make sure I got home okay, such a sweetie. Today ive been at work and have just been chilling out this evening in bed. Hope you've all had a wonderful week.