My Week #96 - Shopping, Staff Partying & Eating Out

On sunday evening I was out at my staff Christmas work party in Bristol, I had the bestest time ever drinking Malibu and coke and eating some real tasty food, so sorry for the lack of a my week post last weekend. This week I didn't work at all in the evenings of the week, apart from Friday, which was soo lavly! On Monday I went out to Tokyo wok with my friend Joe, we had a much needed catch up and a really lovely time eating Chinese. On Tuesday night Charlie came round, we chilled out and had a nice evening together. On Wednesday I popped into charlies before he went to work, then he rung me when he got to work as he had looked at the rota and wasn't working, haha, so he came round mine and we watched a Christmas film together. On Thursday night I did some Christmas shopping, some homework and tidied my room. Then I worked Friday night and went to cribbs shopping with Charlie on Saturday to finish my Christmas shopping and begin his, he then went to work, came back after, stayed round and today we cleaned our cars, did work together and went for a lovely walk on the seafront. I have had the best weekend ever off work, chilling out, doing everything I love.