My Week #97 - Christmas Lights, Revue & Lots of KFC

Ive had a lovely week, ive worked so much this week, lots of homework too. Nearly every evening this week ive worked, on Thursday Charlie came to mine, we did lots of jobs, got a KFC, I did a few lifts, did some food shopping too. Then on Friday, after our revue at school, which was incredible, I went straight to charlies, he took me out for lunch then we went back to his before driving to see some Christmas lights together, we went back to his and had KFC with his family for the second night in a row, amazing.  Then on Saturday I took Charlie out to uphill for lunch and a walk around the boatyard. I worked on the bar up the pub in the evening and it was packed, I had the most incredible night ever, but didn't get home unti 1.45am, I was shattered! Then I went off to work again this morning for the day and now I'm going to chill out and watch the apprentice final after a delicious roast.