Goals & Asprirations for 2017

I know this is probably a teeny-bit too late, but I needed a week to get my hear around the fact that its 2017? I cant believe it. I seems like only yesterday I began my blog, now here I am 4 years later, doing lots of collabs with different companies, receiving everything from cereal to ankle heeled boots to make up brushes. I wrote about how this year has been incredible, I've got some brilliant friends around me, the most incredible boyfriend and bestfriend that I could have asked for, I'm healthy, I'm happy and I can drive and legally buy alcohol, seems like a perfect combination to being 2017 with. Bascially, everything is flipping good.
But a brand new year, comes with brand new goals, adventures and memories.
So, I wanted to document some of my goals for 2017, they are classic 'new years resolutions' that everyone says they will stick to, then by the beginning of February everyones spending more money, eating less healthily and doing less exercise.

This year I want to write more personal blog posts, chat about whats going on in my life, places I've been and share more about myself because last year I felt I was putting up content about products and things that I didn't enjoy writing, but felt was necessary. So this year I want to make this blog my own. I also want to enjoy more time to myself, don't exactly know what i'll do, whether i'll have a pamper evening, just chill out, watch a film or just read a book, I just want to take some time out each week to stop and do things for me. I want to save more money, I put this into place last year, but this year i'm sticking to it, I have moved all my money across to one bank account and have downloaded an app to control my money and I have set budgets in each category for each month eg. gifts, personal care eg. make up, shampoo, petrol, eating out and clothes. That way, I can easily see where I am spending too much and the areas that I'm saving in. I put this into practice at the end of 2016 and I cant wait to hopefully see a difference in spending and my bank balance increase. I want to continue being as happy as I am with Charlie, he made 2016 incredible and hands down the best year of my life. So I want to continue being so happy and being so content with the most important person in my life. I also want to actually exercise a bit more, in 2015/ 2016 I did a lot of exercise, but towards the end of the year I realised that I could keep the figure I had and eat what I wanted and not have to do a lot about it. But I want to get out of that frame of mind and actually put a bit of effort in. I want to do work on time, I leave all my homework to the last minute and this year I really want to stay on top of my work more, get it done more quickly and be more organised. This should in theory leave more time to myself, time do get other jobs done and then I can feel less stressed too.