Hello 2017

New starts totally excite me, I love the idea of a fresh start, clean slate and a new beginning, even if it is just 'another day'. After a wonderful 2016 I'm excited for this year but I'm also incredibly nervous, as I always am. I don't want much to change this year, I want to keep visiting new places, eating new foods, buying new clothes, laughing and being happy. But I want to chill out again more this year, be more calm about things and give more time to myself.
I put a lot of pressure on other people when I'm down and take it out on other people too much and that needs to change this year. Charlie has been a star this year to me and I need to do the same for him this year, we're a good team. I need to stop bloody shopping, I want to save more money this year and stop buying stupid things I don't need. I've already downloaded an app to help me save more and keep an eye on my spending and I have budgeted for each month.
Despite saying this, I want to treat myself still, me and Charlie have been on wonderful road trips and I want to continue that and stay in nice places and eat good food.
I want to do well in my A-Levels this year as this is the last qualification i'll get as I don't plan on going to university. That's another scary part, what happens next, I'm terrified, but trying to keep optimistic and follow my heart. I cant possibly get more organised, but I want to be, I want to revise early and do homework on time. I have been stuck in a bit of a fitness rut, I have managed to maintain the body I had when I was working out 4-6 times a week by just doing a little bit of exercise here and there, but I want improvements this year, bigger changes to make me feel that little bit better about myself. I need to sleep more and work less. Stand up for myself and stop letting petty irrelevant girls affect how I feel. I need to get off my phone more and spend more time looking around me and exploring more while taking time out for myself
Most importantly I just want to be happy and continue being happy whatever that takes.