Motivational Monday #13

If you are an old reader, you might remember this series of blog posts that I used to write. Motivational Monday is back. In case your unfamiliar with the concept, this is a weekly post (providing I don't forget) where I share a quote and just have a chat about it really. I wanted to bring this back, its a bit more personal and I hope you guys enjoy it, I've missed this post. However, I'm not promising to do it every Monday, just when I feel like a little change or need some interesting content or find a quote that I LOVE.
Beau Taplin is an all time fav of mine, his writing is beautiful in every way. When scrolling through his recent releases, I fell in love with this one.
Sometimes we can easily get hung up on others views of us, constantly feeling under pressure from social media, magazines and other people. Some people can make you feel so small and totally be little you and its so so so important not to let these people make you feel any less about yourself. Not let it matter what other people say about you or how others feel about you. Having self worth and appreciating yourself is a wonderful thing, knowing your value is important, feeling in confident and knowing what you deserve is nothing negative or anything to be ashamed of. Be confident in yourself and know your own value and worth without letting irrelevant people dictate your value and make you feel crap.