My Week #100

I cant believe this I've written over 100 my week posts today, its crazy. I didn't do much exciting this week. Last Saturday I went out with my friend ania to mcdonalds in the evening, we had a wonderful time and a much needed catch up. On sunday I worked a split shift, in the day and in the night, that's why there was no blog post as I was shattered. On Monday night Charlie came over, I cooked tea for us all. I made sweet chilli chicken with rice and veg, it was delicious! On Tuesday night I was working on the bar then on Wednesday I was working in the restaurant. On Thursday I came home from school planning to do lots of work, ended up going to asda with my mum and having a nap, so not a good productive evening. On Friday I had frees all day so me and Charlie went for kfc, it was delicious. Then he came round mine quickly before I went to work and we chilled out. Then I went to work on the bar and Charlie came round when I got home at about 12.30 am to stay round which was a wonderful surprise. On Saturday morning I woke up early, got some work done all while Charlie was being lazy asleep. In the afternoon I went to watch Charlie play rugby, I had a lovely time despite the cold it was a beautiful sunny day. I worked Saturday evening and all of today, it was super busy today and I couldn't be happier to be at home despite having loads of work to catch up on, wooo! Hope you have all had a wonderful week.