My Week #98

This week has been lovely. On Monday I went to charlies house, we went out for the day in Wells, we had a lovely day looking around and exploring a new city, the smallest city in the UK. We then went back to his house, played on the wii with his family, watched a film, chilled out then went to sleep. In the morning on Tuesday we woke up and cleaned our cars together, we then went out and did a few jobs together before I came home, visited my grandma and headed to work in the evening. On Wednesday I went back to sixth form, ive had mocks this week so it was a difficult week to come back on, but still, nice to see everyone and get back into a bit of a routine. On Friday night I went to work and then went to pick Charlie up from the pub with his friends, I then stayed at his house and we had the best day on Saturday. Charlie wasn't too well, so we chilled out, had a lovely lie in and watched a film on Netflix and the Amanda knox documentary that I have been desperate to watch for a long time. Then I went to work on the bar last night, didn't get home til nearly 2am, so I was shattered, then went back to work today, cant wait for a chilled evening at home by the fire.
Have a lovely week.