Rimmel Vs Revolution Contour, Highlight & Blush Sets

The other day I was having a huge make up clear out and I noticed that I have two products that were practically identical. The rimmel London sculpting palette by Kate Moss and the Revolution Iconic Pro Blush, Bronze and Brighten Palette. Both contain such similar colours in very similar designs, so I thought I would test them out and see which one I prefer. The rimmel palette is available in just two shades #002 and #003 while the revolution set comes in four different shades.

The rimmel swatches are the ones at the top end of the photo. The contour shades are similar, but the revolution one is a lot darker and has more of a mud sort of shade to it. I like it but its incredibly pigmented and therefore requires blending once on the skin, it comes across looking quite dirty on the skin. However, the rimmel contour powder is a lot lighter and therefore much more buildable due to the light texture. The colour is also so much more natural, more bronze rather than contour but looks really beautiful on the skin.

I adore the revolution highlighter, its such a pigmented colour that I feel really adore, you don't need a lot on the brush as its incredibly bright. The rimmel one is a lot more natural but once on the skin gives a really stunning glow that looks really summery. However, it requires so much more effort to actually put onto the skin and when I'm in a rush I don't like spending all the time, but putting it over another highlighter like my mac soft and gentle gives a beautiful shimmery finish.

I'm not a massive blusher wearer, but both these palettes have gorgeous blusher colour pay off that I'm in love with. The rimmel blusher is a lot more matte while the revolution blusher has much more of a shimmer to it, which I love as I just love more of a dewy glow.