My Week #102 - Paella Making, Partying & Watching Rugby

This week has been super fun as usual. I worked most nights this week in the evening and did revision and homework in my spare evenings. On Thursday night I went out to town with my bestest friends, we had a wonderful time together drinking and dancing. Then Charlie came to collect me at about 1.30 as I didn't fancy getting a taxi back on my own, he stayed at mine then we went to his house on Friday as we had a day off. We watched films, chilled and chatted all day, cleaned his car and then went to waitrose to pick up some delicious ingredients for a paella that we were planning to make in the evening. Charlie had wanted to make me a paella for a while, so together we made one, Charlie did a lot more than me I just did some chopping and mixing, he seared some fish, bream, ontop of the paella and honestly I was soo impressed, it was delicious and I want to eat it all over again and again. I stayed round on Friday night and then on Saturday we had a nice lie in then I went to watch Charlie play rugby in the freezing cold. I worked Saturday night and then on sunday I was on a split, so worked two shifts, I am so happy to be home now doing some work and tidying my room and preparing for a lovely day tomorrow.