My Week #103 - Valentines Day Celebrations, Sunsets & Food Road Trips

This week I haven't been at sixth form as its half term and my gosh its been amazing.
On Monday I was at home doing revision, coursework and homework. On Tuesday I went to visit my nan and then when I got home Charlie was at my house and surprised me with the most beautiful flowers. I made us a lunch full of wedges, mozzarella sticks, chicken strips and wedges- delicious.
We spent the day chilling out, chatting and then Charlie took me out for a delicious meal in the evening. The food we ate was incredible, so many flavours and we both had such a lovely evening. He stayed round then on Wednesday we went to his to watch fast and furious together. On Thursday we washed our cars and then charlotte joined us for a bike ride down to the seafront to watch such a beautiful sunset. It was so nice to just be able to get on our bikes and be at the seafront in 10 minutes feeling the fresh air and getting a bit of exercise, we came home and cooked a paella together for my family and then shared THE biggest bottle of prosecco I've ever seen, then on Friday we got up and went to Bristol for the day as we wanted to visit a fresh food take away restaurant called rebel roll that we've been meaning to do for ages, I drove us to the park and ride, got the bus then walked with the use of google maps directing us, so worth it, I had a little burger and it was incredible, it contained all these delicious flavours, sauces and vegetables. We then went back to charlies for the night and shared a bottle of gin together while watching bad neighbours 2 with his family, then we woke up and did some coursework together and then I went home, ate a stir fry and went to work. Today I've been at work all day and am just about to go back again as i'm on a split shift today which is brilliant fun, hah, all worth it when I get my pay check though- hope you've had a wonderful week.