One Month On.. Saving Money

In my posts at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 I spoke about how I wanted to save money and today i'm writing a little update, although its based on a certain point, I feel its relevant to any resolution that you may have made.
Setting a goal and sticking to it is tough, really tough.
This month I have been religiously using the app on trees made my money supermarket to help me control my spending and encourage saving.
It has been a success and I cant see myself not using this app in the near future.
At the beginning of each month you budget yourself in different categories eg. petrol, clothing, health and beauty, pubs, resturants etc. When you spend on your card the transaction is displayed instantly on the app, showing you how much you spent in what place and what category it is in.
This has been an incredibly useful tool for me to use, I've been able to see so easily where I am spending money and what stores/categories take up the biggest % of my spending.
Although It is horrible to see exactly what your spending it has helped me so much. In December I spent over £416, In January only £124 on sensible things I actually required, I spent nearly £70 eating out in December which is ridiculous, but £20 here and £10 here and £3.99 here doesn't seem like a lot, but it all adds up incredibly quickly. In January I spent only £3.99 eating out and that was only one kfc that me and Charlie had one day. I have spent £0 on clothes and shoes this month, which for me is crazy. I can't believe I've managed to refrain myself, I think seeing it all out in front of me is scary, but totally what I needed.
I overspent my budget In January by £24.15, purely because I had to get some petrol yesterday and I treated myself to a perfume for £35 which would have been £95, think its justifiable. But that wont happen every month at all. What i'm trying to say is treating yourself is okay and like dieting, just cutting out all the nice things you eat is tricky, but reducing the amount you eat is more do-able.
I'm so impressed with how ive done this month and i'm going to try and do even better in February.