My Week #104 -Trying Something New

This week has been a super busy one, filled with work and revision. Yet I've still had such a wonderful time and feel like I have learnt a lot this past week about balancing tasks.
I was working 4 evenings this week, which with revision and exams looming wasn't amazing as I was really short on time and felt guilty about the lack of revision and effort I was putting in and the fact that I was preparing to fail and not caring a lot either.
However, I told myself I cant be stuck in this rut this week, I made a huge lists of tasks to complete so that I could see written out clearly exactly what I needed to do to keep myself on track.
This really helped me as when I had spare time (in frees at school or my hour I get before work after school) I knew exactly what to do and didn't waste time faffing about.
However, despite all the revision I've been busy doing I have stopped and taken time out for myself to do the things I love. I have spent a lot of time by the seafront this week and last week with Charlie, trying something new together, I brought myself a penny board and Charlie has been teaching me, its been such a fun way to escape (procrastinate) against revision.
Although revision is important and deadlines have to met and work has to be completed, if your not in the right mindset to complete the work, then it's useless. On Friday night I was out on the seafront, then watching films and relaxing, then Saturday I spent chilling out taking time to spend with Charlie and eating a delicious food, then went out with my friends after work in the evening. Then today I have been revising and completing past papers non stop because I need to catch up, but I felt totally ready in the right mind set to complete it and have been super productive.
I hope you like this more chatty sort of lifestyle my week post and I hope your having a productive day too.
Lots of Love,