My Week #105 - Last Day & New Beginnings

This week has been crazy. I've finished sixth form on Friday, I am now done with school and education forever, which is terrifying for me. I actually enjoy having a structured day and a routine and I do enjoy seeing all my friends and learning, exams however are not my thing and I've got 7 coming up in June so I need to get busy revising. This week I've been out enjoying myself lots, since Charlie has taught me how to penny board I've been spending so much time on the seafront, something I neglect a little. On Thursday night we went out all evening and then Charlie stayed over and it was just the best night ever.
On Friday evening I went to London, I love London. I went because I applied for a civil service business management apprenticeship and I passed the online tests, so this interview and assessment day was the next step. I was terrified, I'm such a worrier and something like this was a HUGE deal for me (I plan to write a whole blog post about this soon). However, with Charlie's help and advice and my parents too, I made it to London and actually had a wonderful time. In the evening I went and explored with my mum and we went out for a delicious meal, then on Saturday at 8.30am I was being assessed in group activities, interviews and a written exam. It was quite an experience and something I'm really pleased I did. When I finished I had to do a bit of shopping on oxford street, incredibly busy, but was worth it. Then we travelled back home on the train after lots of delays and cancellations we made it.  Today I've been working all day and reflecting on what a wonderful week.