Loving The Seaside

I feel super lucky. I live right in a seaside town, within a 10 minute walk from the seafront.
In the winter I don't tend to venture down the seafront, mainly due to the darker evenings and the colder weather. But ever since spring began to arrive I found myself down the seafront nearly every evening, normally with Charlie by my side.
There's something special about living by the seaside, its calming.
This might not make sense to anyone who doesn't leave or doesn't go to the seaside very often.
I remember a few years back, I didn't have a good day, you know when people talk and things get twisted and stories change and people get annoyed, it was one of those days.
I remember feeling so stressed out and anxious, but I took myself down to the seafront and had a little walk along the promenade and INSTANTLY felt so much better.
I guess its all to do with being on your own with your thoughts and taking time to do something that takes you away from that bad situation.
After that time I remember always saying that the seafront is my happy place.
However, now I really mean it.
If you need a break, to get away from it all, somewhere to focus on something else and enjoy what's around you- just get outdoors, it makes such a difference.

I am lucky now to not have any problems in my life, I've grown up a lot this last year and realised a lot of stuff about friends, relationships, life and work.
There's nothing I think is more important than making yourself happy.
If you've got a positive mind set, and feel yourself to be in a happy place, you can do anything.
Taking time each week to do something for you is the best medicine.
I choose to spend time down on the seafront having a nice walk, a bike ride or on my little penny board (a new little thing Charlie's teaching me, I LOVE it)

There is nothing I love more than watching a sunset, it's something I find quite spectacular.
I like it as it marks the end of the day, time to rest and chill out.
But its also so damn beautiful to watch.
Over time I have taken SO many photos of sunsets, pictures on the seafront and the beautiful views.
I thought I would share a few here for you all to see