My New Little Love

I have been madly saving for a long time now. I have been saving for my car insurance, which is now all paid for, but I'm trying to work my bank account balance back up after the lump sum that disappeared when I paid of my insurance.
However, I decided the other day to treat myself to something I have had my eye on for months, and I mean months.
The other day I decided to go and get this little treat as I saw a picture of it on Instagram and since then I couldn't forget about it.
I brought myself a new bag, only from Matalan so nothing too exciting, but its a HUGE Chloe Faye bag dupe, which cost over £1,500, this one was a mere £16- what a bargain.
I don't ever buy bags, ever. Maybe in September for school I might treat myself, but the bag always has to be big enough to fit all my school stuff in and be very practical.
This bag is a little smaller than I'm used to, which is definitely a positive because it means I can't pack in all the stuff I don't need as it's so much more compact.
I thought i'd take some pictures of my new bag because I am SOOO in love with it.
If your interested in buying this bag you can purchase it here in brown or here in black.