My Week #106 - Beautiful Picnics & Emergencies

This week has been a bit of mixture of all emotions.
On Monday I had an exam, so I spent the day chilling out after that and revising for my others. On Tuesday me and Charlie went out for the most beautiful picnic, I organised it and packed all the stuff we needed for an evening by the lake watching the sun go down, I've written a whole blog post all about what I did and included some beautiful photos that I took. That evening i stayed at charlies house and we had a lovely evening. On Wednesday I was revising in the day as I had exams on Thursday and Friday. Then on Friday evening it was my last exam and in the evening my sisters prom, so me and Charlie went to watch the prom and watch everyone arrive with my family, it was so beautiful to see and brought back some memories. Then me, Charlie and my dad went to get a Chinese and I brought myself a bottle of prosecco to celebrate my exams being over and we spent the evening chatting. On Saturday I drove Charlie home and we looked at his suit that has arrived for our ball on Friday and with his mum we decided the best fit from the variety of sizes, I then went to work in the evening. When I got home my dad had fallen over and badly hurt himself in the garden with a head wound , I ended up calling an ambulance and then we ended up in a & e until 3.30am, Charlie came down to the hospital after work to join us and bring some water and bits and bobs. He was an absolute star, its little things that make me realise how wonderful he is and he made such a horrible traumatic evening so much better and offered some comfort to us both and was such a support when I was feeling so scared and alone.
Things can change in an instant, its so important to be aware of what's going on around you and always help wherever you can. Hope you have all had a wonderful week.