Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

If you read my week post the other day you will know I took a trip to London for an interview and assessment day, I don't want to bang on about the day because that isn't the point of this blog post. However, my trip to London made me realise a few things that I want to talk about on my little space on the internet.
Firstly that I am such a worrier. I already knew this, but I hadn't even got to London and I was panicking and getting all worked up. This is something that I am seriously going to work on, because everything was fine and I had no reason to worry at all. Obviously I only realise that now, because at the time I had no idea what to expect and I think that was what made me panic. I was worrying about being worried, just a vicious cycle of nerves.
But that's totally okay. I was bound to be nervous it was a new experience and something totally unfamiliar to me.
Secondly, I think its important to accept being a bit nervy. Then obviously put on a brave face and tell yourself to calm down. Before going to London I did get quite worried, I had a huge chat with Charlie and got really upset, but I told myself that was totally fine, its okay to let it out and id rather be upset at home surrounded by people I love rather than panicking when I arrived and letting it all out, everything that had been bothering me. If you need to cry and let it out, bloody do it.

I'm proper proud of myself for doing this, i've never had a proper interview, let alone a whole day of assessments and even if I don't end up getting the opportunity I'm so proud of myself for giving it a good go and for trying my best, everything like that is a good experience right?