The Most Beautiful Picnic

Recently we have had the most beautiful weather in the UK. It's been so incredibly warm, like ridiculously hot, ever so slightly unbearable if i'm honest. But because I've got exams and my life revolves around revision I haven't been able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.
So, I decided to organise a picnic for me and Charlie in the evening when it was bearable to sit in the heat. I decided to take him to our favourite place by the lake and watch the sunset.
I would have loved to make some delicious snacks for us and spend all day preparing, but I had to revise and didn't have the time. SO, I took a trip to asda to pick up our favourite bits, I wanted to make it a really snacky picnic so that we could just nibble and pick at the food and chat.
Here are some pictures of our beautiful evening

Here is a little pic of the food I picked up from asda. I got some dips for us to dip cucumber and carrots and crisps into. I also got some chicken and bacon pasta and some little cocktail sausages. I brought a little cheese selection along too with some grapes and biscuits. Then a continental meat sharing selection with chorizo and parma ham in. Then for dessert I brought strawberries and cookies too. For drinks I brought a bottle of rose shloer as I was driving so obviously couldn't have anything alcoholic, this was delicious and such a beautiful summery drink. At home I put everything into a cool box before we I left to keep it fresh. I also packed plates, napkins, cutlery, bowls and also a slate plate that I brought to act as a little table to put onto of the cool box, Essentials I brought also included obviously a picnic blanket, a blanket, cushions and a bin bag for all of our rubbish to go into. I also got some of the items out of their plastic and put them into bowls to save rubbish and also it saved space in the cool box as well as washing the strawberries and chopping off the stem.

I'm so pleased with how this little evening picnic went, we finished all the food apart from a few grapes and a bit of cheese. It was such a lovely evening watching the sunset over the lake, I'm such a lucky girl to be able to do things like this, life is flipping good.