A Long Weekend At Camp Bestival

At the end of July I went to Camp Bestival, an annual festival that I go to. I love it! I'm not a huge festival person, I'm a huge fan of a comfy bed and a proper toilet. However, for five days a year I'm more than happy to endure it and have a wonderful time. This year however, there was a lot of rain this year which meant waterproofs and wellies every day without fail. I watched some amazing performances, Met Kate Nash and watched Mark Ronson do the best DJ set I've ever listened to in my life, I danced til 2 am in a silent disco and listened to some wonderful talks in the guardian tent.
I also ate too many cheesy chips, too much paella and not enough white choc chip brownies and ice cream. The food is the main part for me, stupid I know, but I think It is so incredible trying new foods and trying everything from all cuisines.
On Saturday we dressed up as the spice girls because the theme for the dress up day and festival was rock vs pop. I had such a wonderful time and I think it may be my last, due to working full time from October, I won't have the luxury of lots of time off to do these wonderful things. But I had such a wonderful time with my friends, so many laughs and so many drinks.