Chilling Out

A few weeks ago a lady from better help contacted me to ask me if she could feature my blog post in an article she was writing. This article was being placed on the better help website, something i'd never heard of.
Better help is a website which offers online counselling from therapists for any mental illnesses that you may be suffering from.
I have spoken about this a little bit on my blog, see this blog post here all about anxiety.
So today, I wanted to just talk about moving on from that and feeling more content about myself and my mind.
I am a worrier, I always have been.
I used to worry about the silliest little things, that if I told someone else they would not understand and that makes it incredibly hard to talk about and when I am having a problem it is very difficult for others to understand and help me relax.
 After taking time to myself and understanding more about my mind it led me to feel so much happier about what was going on and reasoning for why I panic about certain things.
I didn't spend a month alone on an island in the middle of nowhere meditating to learn about myself.
I just took pressure off myself and made a happy space that I love. 
I allowed myself to worry if I needed to and learnt to control not to panic.
In my bedroom I have some lovely little quotes next to my desk that I look at every day, which really help me get my head together.
I realised after chilling out and being SO patient what triggers my panic and worry.
For me, its all about travelling, from everything to driving in unfamiliar places with no clue where I am going (the other week I was shopping with Charlie and my sister and we couldn't go home on the motorway as it was gridlocked, so I had to drive another way, through the centre of Bristol, with no sat Nav or anything, It was all fine but I didn't half panic) to also worrying about getting places on time and allowing myself extra time incase of problems, I hate getting on public transport as the journey is totally out of my control and I hate that.
Once I discovered what triggered my panic, I am able to manage it myself - and it has to be myself because NO ONE else seems to understand my thought process at all.
So, if your in a similar situation to me, take some time out to understand and be SO patient.
Check out the better help website for some assistance, either reading the articles here or finding a therapist, which you can do here as for me that would have been incredibly useful.
If you are not, then read this article here or here for a bit of advice and chat.