Favourite Parts of My Room

If you read my #shelf inspo post last week, you will know that over the past few months I have been doing up my bedroom, nothing major and nothing expensive either.
Instead I've been switching up a few individual pieces within my bedroom such as adding a grey rug, grey cushions and lots of grey accessories. My main 'theme' if you like is grey and white for my bedroom and I have tried to incorporate that into my room with light pink walls and wooden furniture as much as I can do.
I'm really pleased with how well I have done this, and at such an affordable price.
If you aren't in a rush switching little things every few weeks makes a HUGE difference in the long term, and helps the bank balance.
I am a huge photo lover, I have lots of frames as well as a photo wall around my desk and I have also added some flowers and succulents into my bedroom too for a bit of colour.
I hope you enjoy these photos and can use these for a bit of inspiration if you are doing your room up.