Getting My Life Together #1 - New Diary

I have chosen to start a new series today on my blog called getting my life together, over the past few months I have made changed and done things to become so much more organised, so I thought I would talk you through all of these things I have done.
I write lists and I like to see everything I am doing written down infront of me in one place rather than on my phone. So when me Charlie and my sister went shopping the other day I brought myself a new diary that runs from August 2017 - December 2018.
This diary is by and was £20 from John Lewis, but when using it everyday for the next year and a bit I know I will get my moneys worth.
So, I have filled it all out and taken pictures of my favourite pages and bits and bobs to show you all.

I love this page. 'Reasons To Party' I have chosen to write down birthday dates in the correct month. I'm pretty good at remembering birthdays but I know It would help to have It all in one place.

Each month begins by a beautiful two pages of art which I LOVE.

Then turning the page leads you to a whole monthly view in one place and a little notes bit at the side. I think this will be really useful when I begin my full time job.

Then after the monthly view there is a double page of notes space which I have so far used as a shopping list as well as things to remember for each month.
At the back of the diary there are about 20 pages of notes space too which is brilliant.

After the notes page the month begins with a weekly view on a double spread which I love as you can see your whole week in one view.
I also like how the weekends are smaller because I tend to do less that needs writing down on the weekends.

I also love the little section finder, makes it so much easier to go to a certain month and write something in. There is also a whole 17 month view as well.

At the back of the diary there is this little pouch where you can keep little pieces of paper or keep things separate.

Also, each weekly view has a little bit of writing highlighted yellow that gives you a little bit of motivation of what to do in the week.
Every so often there are also cute little mood boosters and nice things written,

I am SO impressed with this diary, for the money I am so happy as there is so much in there and it will last me such a long time.
It's so colourful and bright. I have this in the classic size and it fits just perfectly in my little bag.
If you want to check out the whole of the planners/diary/agendas range click here