Life is Changing a Little Too Fast

I'm such a fan of a routine. Not so much strict hours for certain things, but every morning I wake up and eat breakfast, I shower, do my make up in the same order every day with mostly the same products, I get dressed and make a list of things to do, do the busy bits first and relax where I can, see my friends, work and spend time with Charlie and my family.
However, since leaving sixth form I have been able to do this every day and got myself into a bit of a routine, I love it. I've been working so much more at the pub and have been reading and generally organising & sorting my life out a little bit.
Yet, I know that things will shortly change all over again. One of my best friends will shortly be heading up to Liverpool, lots of other friends will be scattered all over the country busy studying at uni. Thankfully, my two other best ones are staying close to home still in sixth from and working near by. Things have already changed this summer with friends being on holiday at different times and working which means not seeing them daily in school like I used to.
I'll be starting my new apprenticeship for HMRC in a couple of months in Bristol and things will be totally different once again. I'm so excited but so nervous to be starting my new job in Bristol and travelling up on the train every day and working full time but having evenings and weekends all to myself. .
Charlie is now working full time, it's been so weird and so difficult not seeing him as much as I was used to, but I guess I have got used to that a little bit, and have managed to fill my days up and enjoy spending my time in other ways. However, when we both do get a day free to spend together we fill it to the max and spend such great quality time together, the other day we went to bath thermae spa and it was incredible! We've booked another week away too which I cant wait for.
I'm not used to change and I don't think I'm a very adaptable person, which means getting used to things changing takes me a little more time.
But I wanted to just ramble on today to just get my thoughts out and make a little more sense of it in my little head. 
I think the best thing I can do is just embrace what's happening, because this is my life right now and there is nothing I can do to alter that, so I have to get used to it and adapt and enjoy and appreciate all the little things and make the best of all my free time.
I think its just a everything going on in my mind, i'm getting worried and stressing about it all which hasn't helped at all. In order to get some help I headed to better help, there I learnt all about the difference between stress and anxiety which you can read here I found it really interesting to read about the internal and external factors affecting both. Also, simply how to relieve any stress and simply living a peaceful life which I am ALL ABOUT, you can read that here.
I hope these links are useful to you, as change can get so much for so many people