Shelf Inspo

Over the past few months I have really been trying to get my bedroom to exactly how I would like it. I have tried to have a bit of a theme, I've tried to incorporate lots of brown wood, white, grey and rose gold/copper into my room. I've got a blog post either coming up, or already on the blog which is a little room update. But this post I wanted to focus on my shelves as these are something that I have given a huge re-organise and massive de clutter. So here a few images for you to scroll through which may give you a bit of inspiration if you are tidying up your shelves, I love looking at Pinterest for a bit of inspiration as well as blogs and Instagram.

I had a massive de-clutter of my books which used to stretch over the two shelves. I got rid of all the taller books that I didn't read as I wanted all the books to be the same height, the ones I wanted to keep are the ones I have on the shelf below lying down and stacked up. I also sorted the books I wanted to keep because they are FAVS or I just haven't read them yet, I then colour co-ordinated them from black to blue and put a huge light up star at the end to keep them all up right.